Let the rain come...

It rained today.

Normally this would be nothing special in England, but recently we've had something of a "heatwave."

I was just thinking yesterday as I came home from school how dull and yellow the grass looked. It was withering and shrinking away from the sun. It made me realise that sometimes we're like the yellow grass. Sometimes we just want to shrink away and fit in with everyone else. We don't tell people we're Christian and we stop talking to others about Jesus.

Sometimes we need to stand out in the rain. We need to accept God's amazing rain, the Holy Spirit, that refreshes and renews, then we can be bright and shining again and stand up in the sun.
Check out this brilliant song here.
Fizi Kizi xx
Ps. I'm still pretty new to doing Talky things, so any comments or advice would be really helpful!

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