I'M BACK! (Quick run while you can!)

So yes I'm sorry for the lack of posting and for the rather pathetical post that I did do!
I have been hugely busy the past few weeks with exams and revision, but now...
Ahem, yes, so I have no more exams now until next year! And only 7 6 weeks of school left! Shhh! I know thats ages but I'm trying to kid myself it's not!) 
These past few weeks have been pretty hard and I'm feeling very tired and worn out, but hey now I can come back to my lovely followers! Sadly though- I am running low on blogging ideas so I'm just going to leave you with a few photos!

:D Chuffed with this one! 

I like the vintage-ness of these ones! 

Bit whimsical- me all over!

Yeah Ok, so this one's not great- but I'm pretty pleased with this one!
It's "perfectly" imperfect. Nah I joke!
I borrowed this lovely ladies AMAZING camera- it's like my dad's grandad's posh really good 35mm camera- but digital! I've decided after my trip to Italy (SO EXCITED- FIRST TIME ON PLANE!) 
and after the summer holidays in general I'm going to start saving up for a relatively cheap, amazing digital 35mm camera... hmm.... bit picky there... ah well!

So yes... that was interesting- I do hope I haven't actually bored you to death!!
Much Love!
Fizi Kizi xx

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