Monday Musings (Courtesy of Jess)

Hey there!
I'm going to completely embaras myself with my rubbish photography skills but hey, here are my Monday Musings (Linking to Jess at Yours Truly)
Vintage Candle Holders
Look amazing
Make for good photos (In my head anyway)
Are whimsical and cute
Shine light for all to see
Make me feel creative
Are bright and colourful
will happily pose for photos
and sit in bushes whilst breaking the leaves
and never complain
They also have their own song- can't beat that
Tell you random stuff
"Did you know a snail can live for 5 years?"
They "patiently" let you take their picture.
Get more beautiful every day.
Are generally awesome.
So there we are, my musings for Monday. And a few attempts at half-decent photos.

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Much Love 
Fizi Kizi xx


nzkiwigirl said...

lovely!! love the last picture especially. thanks so much for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Your pics are great!!!!

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you! :)
Much Love xx

Ms. Understood said...

I love your explanation of each picture. Your description of your sister is so sweet. The teapot idea was too cute. Great pics!

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you! It feels like I wrote that ages ago, but it still applies! :) xxx