My Day In Pictures...

I've been wanting to do this for absolutely ages- but what with all the exams haven't been able to! But finally a brilliant opportunity came in the form of an inset day! I borrowed this idea from Meghan at it's a beautiful day so go and say hi! They're not very good photos- but hey, I'm learning. Anywho back to the point, prepare to be amazed at my inset day yesterday (Friday) :) 
  • Firstly I woke up at a ridiculous time for a day off. 
Sorry for the bad quality- I was half asleep...
  • I text my friends the lovely Ezza and Shandy (Nicknames) to see if we could meet up. I then got bored during this text conversation and as my shutter-button-finger was itching, I had a mini photoshoot.
What I wore :)
My jeans <3 and amazing shoes which  are dying :(
Like my new haircut? (As of a few weeks ago) It used to be  reeeally long!
I'm actually quite chuffed with this edit :)
  • I then proceeded to tidy my slightly extremely messy bedroom.
Couldn't resist taking a photo of this!
  • Shandy, Ezza and I got the train into town...
Pretty :)
Naww Cutey-pie
Ahh :) Gorgeous girls! xx
  • ...And went shopping!
I was falling over- trying to get the picture
I'm rubbish at self pictures!
I bought this top. :)
  • We then went to the swimming pool on the bus, found out the slides weren't open for another hour and halfish so went and had food. And hiccuped. Lots. Then back to the swimming pool- we had a blast (Sorry no pics for swimming)
Yes, she is rolling down a hill... :)
  • Bus and train home again. Had curry for dinner- yum!
  • Watched glastonbury live on bbc :)
  • Went to bed. With a cold. Which I got from YOU Shandy :p (Because I know you're reading this)
I'm going to ignore the scientist inside me and
pretend they aren't placebo's. 
So yes, Sorry it's so long but once I start taking photos, I can't stop. Anyways- It's late and I have a cold so I'm going to bed, see ya!
Fizi Kizi xx


guinevere said...

Love it! I totally need to do one of these! :)

Fizi Kizi said...

Thanks and that's what I thought when I saw Meghan's one! It's so much fun! :D xx

Shandy8 said...

I was truly a great day! (me rollin thwn the hill is any1 wanted to know ;)) xxxx

Fizi Kizi said...

Shandy- you are too cool ;) xx