There's a hole in my bucket...

Well I for one have always wanted to do one of these-
so that's something to tick off my bucket list already ;)

1. Buy one of those posh, fancy, digital, SLR cameras

2. Fall in love, marry and have children- some day :)

3. Write a best seller *Sigh*

4. Have a giveaway!

5. Attack public toilets with post-it-notes saying "You are beautiful!"

6. Organise a surprise birthday party for a friend

7. Go on a picnic under a rainbow :)

8. Help teenage girls going through hard times

9. Let God guide my path all my life

10. Reach 50 followers!

Much Love!
Fizi Kizi xx

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♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

Thanks for following me!! It means a lot!!<3

Fizi Kizi said...

That's ok, thank you for following me! :) xx

Inna said...

That's a great list!
I love "You are beautiful" notes. I once saw that painted on someone's windows, and it gave me the warm fuzzies. ;)
I think I should start leaving notes like these as well ...

Fizi Kizi said...

Yeah!! It looks so fun and makes people feel good!! :D xxx

Polka Dot said...

love #5. :)

Fizi Kizi said...

I know- I HAVE to try it some day!! :) xx