Feather Alert!!! (A guest post by Hannah)

As the summer is drawing towards a close I’m noticing more people getting feather extensions! I have friends having feather parties and buying up all the feathers they can get their hands on!

Feather extensions can be very expensive! Most places charge $10-$15 per feather and an extra $10 for installation! It’s a lot cheaper to buy the feather online and do it all your self!

You can do anything with feather extensions! You don't have to worry about getting them wet or making sure you don't straighten them or flat iron them! If you’re curling your hair, go ahead and curl the feather too! They can last about 4 months and when they fall out its very east to just put them back in!

Feathers can be alot of fun and even some celebs are wearing them now!

So if your like me and pretty bored with your hair but don't want to cut it I suggest getting feather! The best part is you can take them out if you get tired of them and they won't hurt your hair! I'm ordering my feathers from fashionfeather.com. The prices are good and so is the quality! Plus its only $4 a feather it you get 5! So anyway go out and try something new! Summer is almost over and school is starting soon so get out there and have some fun in the sun!


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Shandy8 said...

Your 1st (well 1st proper) Guest post was really good.
Kizis 1 of my best friends and i'm sure she'd be very pleased with it :) xx

Fizi Kizi said...

You bet I am Shandy!! It was awesome!! :D I'll send you a proper message of thanks in a mo! :) xx