Outaaaakes Numero 3! Amongst other things

Today's been alright as far as coursework days go.
So I spent today doing this:

Because of photoshop.
No, not really. In fact- I think I'm getting better at it.
I might even go so far as to say I'm getting the hang on it!
Kind of.
I'm using Pixlr (Because photoshop is waaay too expensive)
And I've been having a whale of a time making a montage.
Note the sarcasm in my tone.
Although- I'm kinda chuffed with how it's coming along.
So I shall show you!
My Alice In Wonderland/ Fairytale Montage- So Far!
What do you think?
It's not great admittedly, but hey!
I've also been procrastinating playing around practising with pixlr and creating these:

Yes, Perhaps you can tell- just how bad I was/ am.
I have discovered new things that photoshop can do since then!

I'm trying to avoid looking at popular blogs' followers
Because I end up comparing my blog
And that doesn't work out at all. 
Because, theirs look all polished and fantabydooda
And they have all these fancy clothes, And amazing sense of style, 
And are such good writers and artists
And then I look at mine and think 
But, I do love my blog- very very much so!
And I think that I would prefer to have a blog
Where I can be myself and have fun
Instead of conforming to try to make myself like others
I want to be different, individual.

Fizi Kizi xx
PS. Reading back through this- perhaps I should try and stop starting my sentences with And.
If my teachers could see this, they'd be crying in pain and the grammatical horror.
PPS. Last few days to enter Lizzie's blog competition! JOIN IN!
PPPS. Can anyone teach me how to do those dropy down thingys in the sidebar
Urm I don't know how to explain them- they neaten up the sidebar because they put like them all into their own little section. Like [About Me] [Fave Blogs] [My blog button] Do you get what I mean?


Hazelnut said...

You're pretty. :)
And I know how it feels too when I look at the number of followers other popular blogs have. I can't help but compare mine to theirs too. Glad to know I'm not alone.

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you! You're pretty too! Thanks for your comment It's nice to know I'm not the only one! :) xx