Ranting About Bacon

I was shopping in Tesco today. 
I saw the price of some bacon was 75p. So I picked up the top one and went to the till. As I paid I saw the bacon was £2.27. I had no siblings to run and get a different one, so I just grabbed my reciept and food and walked out. My two siblings met me outside (With the shopping list I'd managed to leave at home- but remembered by heart anyways) So I made them sit with the bag while I returned the bacon. 
I walked up to customer service and said "I'm really sorry but I bought the wrong bacon, Can I return it?" The lady behind the desk frowned and said, "Well, we're not really meant to return it as it's fresh, but we'll do it for you." So I was like- yey! Thanks, that's kind!
She refunded me and gave me a little thingy to sign and said sarcastically, "Try not to buy the wrong bacon next time, as we have to waste this and we actually make a loss." So I apologised, went back to the bacon isle and looked for a cheaper one than the one I bought- and realised that the reason I'd bought the wrong one was because some person had put it in the wrong place. So I found the bacon I wanted, payed and left.
Now it sounds stupid doesn't it- ranting about bacon. 
But it's not bacon I'm angry about- It's Tesco.
What she had said to me really sunk in.

"We're going to have to waste this now." What?! I bought it two minutes ago? If returning it meant you had to waste it- why not refuse to return it!? And why is it fair that you can be really sarcastic with me- when it wasn't soley my fault. Aren't I the customer here?? 

"We're going to make a loss." WHAT?! Tesco's makes £3 billion profit a year! And you think that £2.27 is a loss?! Really?? 
Do you realise that there are over 6,000 homeless families in the UK? And approximately 500 Million people in the WORLD are homeless. And you complain that YOU are making a loss? 
You don't have to sleep on the streets every night. Afraid of the stumbling drunks. Afraid for your family. Afraid that you won't find any sufficient food for days, maybe even weeks. Afraid of the robbers. Afraid for your future. Afraid that you're not going to wake up the next morning. 
Does your "loss" seem quite as big now?

And why do you have to waste it? I understand that because it's uncooked meat or something, you may not be able to sell it. But why not donate it? 3,500 Pounds of quality food is binned every week- and that's just one store. Apparently 100,000 people each day die of starvation, and 16,000 children die every die from starvation. Yet you can't afford to give away that food you have to "waste?" It's ridonculous.

I know the customer service lady couldn't do anything. It's not up to her- she could have been a smidgen politer. In reality though- I'm angry at Tesco. 

When the Tesco in our town was being refurbished, there were 2 big skips outside near the loading bay, FULL 
of good quality food they couldn't shelve. And why was there so much food in these skips? Because even when they knew that the food was going to go straight in the skips- they didn't stop deliveries. It was horrifying to know that so, so many people in the world are starving to death- and there were 
2 HUGE skips 
full of good food! What has happened to society that means we don't care about people in need- where is our humanity, our compassion?
Apparently we left it in Tesco- aisle 2.

Fizi Kizi xx
Ps. What are your views? Or am I just being irrational?


♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

I agree. That really is silly. I think they should have just sold it again.

Fizi Kizi said...

Yeah- thats Tesco for you :/ Thanks for sharing your view :) xx

Hazelnut said...

I don't think you're being irrational at all. It's totally ridiculous that they'd waste that much good quality food when they could just DONATE it to people who are dying of hunger. When I go to college, I'm taking a course that's going to study about the economy so I can understand how businessmen think, and try to change that. We seriously need more humane and compassionate businessmen in the society!!

Fizi Kizi said...

Thanks Hazelnut! That sounds like an awesome plan for the future!! And yes, I think we do! :D xx