Kinda outakes part 4? But not really

Just a quick note to say- I'm still here! I'm just a bit busy at the moment so I can't be doing much blogging. I'm sleepy and I'm thinking about getting an early night so I leave you with a few sneak peeks into the family holiday.
This is on the Cheesewring which is basically all these piles of rocks on this big hill left over from a quarry.
There's this rock^ thats shaped like a chair and it kinda overhangs the hill Which is a tad scary!
I sat in it when I was about 7/8 so it's like "memories!" :')
In ze car, having a "There's nothing to take pictures of- Oh I'll use myself!" Moments...
The beach we went to *Sigh* Gorgeous.
Cold though. Not really beach weather- but boy did we have fun!
My brother and sister. I'm not just taking a pic of random peoples legs
That would be a tad weird....
In the seeeeea! (The waves were huuuuge!)
As you can see here
And here :)
Tee hee! Being a posh victorian lady in her Sunday best!
You may now call me Roberta Guinevere Amelia Waterson
Ahh the cool kids 

Getting a feel for my part in our play Oliver!
Can you guess what I am?
I'm a ragamuffin in Fagin's Gang!
I'm actually quite chuffed and excited especially if I get to dress like this! ;)
This wasn't really an outakes post was it? Ah well.
Make sure you check out my friend LizzieJaneC's blog here! She's awesome!
Fizi Kizi xx

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hey! you sitting next too me :D from lizzie x