When autumn finally comes...

I wander down the road, my breath misting in front of me as I walk. It gives the impression that I'm walking through clouds- like the imaginary, magical ones I used to dream about with whole mystical civilizations living on top. I pull my blue military/ww2 style coat tighter round me and stuff my frozen pink hands into my pockets to try and keep them warm. In one ear a warming song twinkles into my ear, the wire for my headphone runs down under my purple scarf, it's soft and brings many good memories to mind. It is, in fact, just one of my large collection of scarves. The chilly autumn wind strokes it's icy fingers across my already pink cheeks. Red and orange leaves swirl around me and for a moment I'm lost in the fairytale like magic as I watch them dance and spin, chasing each other through the air. I crunch through a small pile of the golden leaves and instinctively look up at the tree, at the few lonely bunches of greeny-yellow leaves still clinging on to the branch. As I dwardle over the hill I catch a glimpse of a sunrise. I stop and turn to it, I wait for a few minutes gazing at the beauty of it, when I finally break away I realise I've been holding my breath. I smile to myself, not just a dwindling smile, but a full on grin. I think how the few people that are out in their cars must think I'm mental. That mental girl who takes pictures using self timer, bad lighting and a window.

Thank you God for the beauty of the world you created, thank you for those precious delicate moments that we treasure for years- lifetimes, thank you. 
And this, is why I love Autumn.
Fizi Kizi xx