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Hey guys!
Sorry for being MIA for a while, I would've posted earlier in the week, only I got a migraine and it kinda threw me out the blogging wagon for a couple o' days.

I'm currently "doing homework" and packing for my week's work experience!! I'm staying with family while I do work experience so It's gonna be cool!! I can't tell you about it yet though- I'll save it all for my return! I shall, however most likely be able to blog, so It's not like I'm gone from bloggotopia forever.

I took some photos at a family gathering we had the other week, and then I took the camera with me to church that Sunday and snapped up some pics of my chums.

There were these cute little orangey thingys on top of our puddings!

What d'you think? I saw them on a fire place and was like;
"I NEEED that bokeh!" 
 I have more film for my camera- yey! So I should hopefully be able to take more photos soon! I love Cameron ;)

Ok, I really should go and do that History practise paper and sort out the mountain of clothes on my bed...

Fizi Kizi xx


Cindi said...

You are amazing at photography!!! I mean literally amazing!!! :)) and have funn!!!

Fizi Kizi said...

Awww thank you Cindi!! :D I will! xx

Hazelnut said...

I totally agree with Cindi! You're really good! :-)

Btw, what camera did you use to take these? I'm so curious. Do tell! :-D

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you Hazelnut!! :)
It is a Chinon CS camera- very old but veeerry good!! Love it!! (It's my dads...) xxx