It's Christmas Eve!!!

I'm a seriously bad person aren't I
I haven't posted in aaaages! And my excuse? Well I haven't really got one, other than being pre-occupied. Like Christmas shopping, seeing family, tidying the room I share with my sister So that Father Christmas doesn't break his neck trying to put our stockings in our room ;) Preparing for my Nan to spend Christmas with us, wrapping presents, putting presents under the tree, looking at the presents under the tree, seeing one with your name on, watching the present with your name on.
Life around Christmas is so busy- so crazy, that sometimes it's hard to just enjoy the holiday and remember what it's really about.
Why do we get so wrapped up (tee hee! pun totally not intended) in the commercialism. I'm not gonna turn this into a rant about plastic and falseness and all that stuff. Because it's Christmas. And it's a time of love, peace, forgiveness and togetherness. It's a time to celebrate the day the Lord our Saviour was born, born a tiny baby not in a palace like normal Kings, not even in a house. But in the humblest of settings, a stable. This tiny baby grew up to become the kindest man ever to touch the Earth. He was perfect. He is perfect. 
He is Jesus.
So this Christmas, take a break from the craziness. Hug a cat or a Christmas tree. Stuff your face with turkey and cake and enjoy not only the presents, but just being with each other. Be grateful for your lot in life. And just remember, that your Saviour was born on this day thousands of years ago. 
He loved you then and he loves you now

In other news, I'm going to Lizzie's tonight for Christmas Eve!
And I will more than likely, do a blog post telling you Happy Christmas at some ridiculous time in the morning because I can NEVER sleep on Christmas morning. So yeah. Look forward to that :P

OH! D'you like the new Christmas design? I'm kinda chuffed with it (It took ages believe me)

Love you guys! 
And a Happy Christmas Eve!
Fizi Kizi xx

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