Um so please ignore the previous post- it's a long story involving personal statements and such like. 

I've been doing an awful lot lately. Would you like to hear about it? Of course you would!

I did an all day art mock exam. Yes, I did a whole day of art. A whole six lessons of art. Sounds pretty awesome? Yeah it was quite cool, apart from the "OH MY GIDDY GIDDY BICYCLE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING- OR DO I? NO I DON'T! YES! YES I DO! NO... ARGGHHHH I'MGONNAFAILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!" Part at the beginning. I soon got into the swing of things however and was soon swinging art equiptment like Aragorn swings his sword. Did I just use a Lord Of The Rings reference? Oh yes. I do believe I did.

e martë
Urm well Tuesday was actually a normal day of school... Did anything exciting happen... Urmmm. Lemme just think... Oh! I went swimming! Oh yeyah not 50, not 30 but 18 lengths of a 25 metre pool in about half-an-hourishgiveortakedependingonstuff. Oh, hold on- my phones ringing...
"What was that? You're from the England olympic swimming team? You'd like to offer me a place? Hmmm. I dunno- I need to check my schedule." Flicks through empty schedule. "Hmm I'm preeeetty busy. Yep- can't do then. Or then. Oh- looky at that I'm just so free for the next- ooooh- ever really."

Well it was the big strike day so most students were off for the day. I did some catch up homework, hugged my cat, went Christmas shopping with Lizzie which was fuuuunny as usual. And then I came home and hugged my cat again. Because he's cute and has been in a whole heap of trouble lately....

Thursday was today. Twas also the first of December. Which meant- Advent calendars (Did you know- that is a really hard word to spell? Calendar. Calendar. Casjksjsh.) I still don't feel very christmassy yet. Sad times. But I did open door number one on my Winnie The Pooh advent calendar. Yes I did ask for the winnie the pooh one. Also today I had an incredibly good day! I had double history (Which is always awesoooome! Except I didn't have my wonderous Shandy there to enjoy it with) then the rest of the day was made up of Rehearsals for our school play and guess what it is! Nope. Not that. Nope. Still not right. Ohh I guess I'll just have to tell you! Oooo-li-ver! Yaha and what am I? I am in Fagin's Gang- so I'm a pickpocket! And I must say this is the best play I've ever been in! Tis so much fun! Me and my friend have to pretend to be horses! It's so funny!

Well tomorrow hasn't happened yet so I'm pretty unqualified to post this yet. But that would be boring and leave my blog post annoyingly incomplete and would mess with my "Day's in different language" thing that I've got going on! So yeah, tomorrow I have a rather good day of lessons then last two periods- I have rehearsals again!! Yeys! :D 

Yeah. I'm lazy now, you guys can hear about my weekend when It's happened and I can explain it all to you in gory detail. Or not so gory. More glittery. Or face painty. Or Christmassy. Yeah whatever. I'm really tired. I better go to bed now. And perhaps ban myself from posting when my eyelids are drooping. The consequences are rather.... um... something. Yes. They are weird, as am I. I am also tired. Golly- this is like one big neverending blob of tiredness and weirdness and glitter. 

Oh! And if you fancy it, why not comment with the language of each day. And yes. I used google translate- what of it? But if you wanna comment something else- feel free. Or if you don't wanna comment- then chill! Don't worry, it's all cool here. Lets just have a party. 
Ahh I'm so tired...

Yeah... night guys... 
Fizi Kizi xx


Cindi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this.was.the.best.post.ever. Especially the end, where you sounded really tired. Haha. OH I love your blog! :)))))

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you Cindi! I was slightly worried about reading through this post when I got back home from school today! But thanks! I think I was hyper- and tired! :) xxx

Shandy8 said...

love it Kimmy! xx