The Amazingness That Is The New War Horse Film!

Not a photo from the film, but I don't wanna get sued through copyright
 infringement so you'll have to live with it.
On Tuesday I went to see the new War Horse film with my bestie Lizzie, so I thought I'd write a review- just for you guys. Feeling priveledged? I bet you are.

1914, in the heart of rural England, a bitter, drunken farmer bids on a beautiful thoroughbred horse, completely useless for farming. Albert, the farmers son takes pity on the horse and names him Joey. He is determined to tame and train Joey into a good farm horse, meanwhile forming a strong bond between them.

But before long, the war hits Britain and Joey is sold to the cavalry. Albert is heartbroken and promises Joey that someday, he will find him. The film follows Joey, as he travels through war-torn Europe forming unlikely friendships and finding love in the strangest of places.

"Separated by war
tested by battle,
bound by friendship"

I had never cried at a film before- don't call me hard hearted, I get upset and I get teary; I just don't cry! Well, this film changed all that.
I came out of the cinema, wet eyed and shivery. My head was full of love, tears and sadness. The opening scene was a bit weird, but before long I was in love. I wanted to be friends with Albert and to hug Joey. This film had me caught from the first. It's not just a "boring old war film" it's a stunning story of love that knows no bounds. 

By about half way, I'd abandoned my sweets and forgotten how badly I needed the loo. I was glued to my seat. Lizzie and I were both sobbing into my scarf at regular intervals.
When the lights came up, we rubbed our red eyes and tried to compose ourselves. I thought I'd go home, sleep and my memory of it would dull a little, cushioning the saddest parts and concentrating on the happy.
Everything reminds me of the War Horse. Someone will be talking and will suddenly remind me of a sad part. Then I'll remember a sadder part. And before long I'm re-living the whole film again.
This film is truly, truly amazing. It's definitely the best film I've ever seen. It's so incredibly sad, but at the same time- so incredibly beautiful.
Go see it. Now. With tissues. And a teddy. And more tissues.
A full five stars from me.

Check out the official website- I'm just gonna go find a tissue...

Fizi Kizi 
Ps. Albert (AKA. Jeremy Irvine) has amazing eyes.
PPS. It has Benedict Cumberbatch guys- can you get better than that? I didn't think so.

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