27 Million- Be a part of something

Hey guys!!
I haven't blogged in a while, and I apologize that this is only going to be a quicky- but it's preeetty good!
Trust me ;)
What do you think of when I say slavery? The slave trade in history? Slave traders from hundreds of years ago? Cinderella? Well slavery is closer than you think- more counts of Human Trafficking are occurring than ever before. That's an astonishing and horrible thought. But what can we do?! How can we just stand by and let it happen? 

Well, Matt Redman and LZ7 have colaborated on a song to raise awareness of human trafficking! 27 Million came out on itunes today, and we are trying to get it in the charts! It's already rising- be a part of it! So if you have an itunes account and a bit of spare change jingling around- buy this song! Or if you can't download the song- do what I'm doing and tell everyone you know about it!
Whether you are Christian or not- lets stamp out Human Trafficking. 
Once and for all. 

Fizi Kizi 

Ps. It's an amazing song. No jokes :) 


Rachel said...


Fizi Kizi said...

Thanks! It's a really great song :) xx

Becca Jones said...

haha I might :)
That is amazingly horrible :(

Fizi Kizi said...

Yeah it's quite shocking, But I guess this song is just one little step to helping. It's lovely to hear your thoughts! :) x