It's been a while (Once again)

Hey guys. 
No I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, or been eaten by bears, or been attacked by wild carrier pigeons. No I've just been busy. Again. Gosh- the amount of times I've said "I'm busy" you would think I was a celebrity with a jam-packed schedule. I'm not. I'm just little ol' me with a mountain of mocks and exams that people just decided to dump on me (Thaaaanks But I guess I do need them for a job...) I've been revising and stressing and stressing some more. And that caused me to be ill (Most probably) so this has been a bit of a difficult time for me. So after my crazy mock week I took a little time out, to get better, to rest and do homework and just chill

The fruits of my hard revision came to pass- I picked up the envelope today with my mock results in. And I did good! Not in a I'm-a-fancy-schmancy-pants-and-i'm-just-da-best kind of good, but a "Yey, I'm happy, I worked hard." 4 A*'s and 2 B's. I just hope that I can do that in the real exams!! But moving on.

Pretty much what my life has looked like all year. 
Yet again, I am sorry for not posting. Truly I am. Like I say, I was ill and resting. I was also slightly uninspired and feeling rather guilty. Guilty that I should've been posting and I wasn't. So I avoided it. Which I'm sorry for. I stayed away because thinking of it made me feel frustrated at myself. And that's not good. But now I'm feeling better and hopefully I won't have another spell of migraines again for a good long while. 

I have several things to tell you, but I've decided to save it for another post- a much more fun one, I promise. Pinky swear an' everything. Ooooohh look! Pillow Pets! 
Sorry. Got distracted. 

I find it hard to post at times, I'll admit it outright. I do love blogging and writing and photography, but I guess I find it hard to post when I have nothing to talk about, nothing new or exciting. We've all said it before, blogging is almost like social networking. Often you post the polished, the 'perfect', the wonderful and the edited parts of your life. It's hard to post something that just doesn't seem worthwhile. I often feel I'd rather post 1 good thing rather than 10 rubbish posts. But then feel sorry for not posting every day like other bloggers. But I'm not them and they aren't me, so I'm just gonna have to get used to it and learn and grow, developing my own style and strengths.


Ps. If you've seen the Hunger Games film- Don't talk to me! I'm seeing it in two weeks. Two weeks. And I just can't wait. At all. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! And I know what you mean being stressed and busy, everyone gets that way somtimes so don't worry about it.

Fizi Kizi said...

Thanks Haley! :) x