So I'm kinda like sixteen now?

Hey guys! I have something to tell you all! 
"I'm sixteen! 
Bada badadadaaaa 
Got to make the good times last"
My actual birthday was on Sunday (Sunday the 1st, if you want to know) ;) but I'm kinda ill (Coldy-Fluey thing) so hence the whole not blogging about it thing. Let me just say being ill over your birthday isn't much fun. However I promised you a fun post, so....

I had a really good day, I got lots of hugs and birthday wishes from family, extended family, friends and church family! I've got lots of wonderful birthday presents including:

  • New Look vouchers to buy some prom shoes (Squeee!) 
  • A glorious fountain pen with refills from my wonderful practically adopted sister Lizzie and her mum, lots of writing shall be done.
  • Several giraffe based toys like the Paint-Your-Own-Model-Giraffe-Thing that comes with the colours red, blue and green. Because those are blatantly the colours of a giraffe. And one of these:
His name is Safari (I'm thinking he might be a boy?) and he is so unbelievably soft!
Help! I think his eyes are kinda melting my heart!
My family and friends know me too well! Giraffes, Writing utensils, food! I did get other presents, but I won't go through them all with you. We had a candle lit family roast dinner with a massive cake for dessert. It was quiet and simple and just how I like things. I don't like big birthday bashes and things, is that weird? Who knows. Everyone was really lovely and kind, it really made me see how many friends I have! 

It really was a great day, despite the flu, so my thanks to everybody for their love!

I'm going to go back to my corner of tissues, blankets, cool packs and lucozade now
Bye bye
Fizi Kizi xx

Ps. I can't stop staring at that giraffe!


Anonymous said...

Happy late Birthday!!
Love, Haley

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you!
Fizi Kizi x