Today I flew...

I never thought I'd ever get close to flying. 

I used to jump off the sofa and flap my arms in a feeble attempt at flight, but I was no bird and fortunately I'm still not! But as I grew older my childish wish to fly whittled away until it was just that little box of something in the back of the cupboard that you forget about 90% of the time.
And that's how it's been, until today.

Because today I found myself standing by an indoor skydiving tunnel, in a baggy jumpsuit and a bright orange helmet with a little dog on top. And yes, my heart was most definitely in my mouth. 
I was feeling all cool and casual until we were given the introductory meeting teaching us all the hand signals and the correct body position for flight, then it suddenly felt very real.
After the instructor was relatively sure we knew what to do, we were suited 'n' booted and showed into the waiting area where we watched each person leap into the tunnel with gusto before floating, spinning and bumping around with the instructor. This only made me feel more nervous.
And then it was my turn.

Tim the instructor motioned at me to run in. So I dove in.
And then any and all mental capabilities were lost. 
I became a giggling, widely grinning, squealing, 5 foot missile. 
The air took my breath away and for several minutes I forgot to breathe. It was just me and the wind. I quickly looked down and saw the angled fans far below me before assuming the correct position. I can't tell you much about the first experience other than I lost all sense of the world. Time slipped away and so did any thoughts. I couldn't even think "I'm flying." 
Then Tim walked me to the door and I was out. The floor felt strange to my feet and I wobbled like Mr Wobbly Man. We waited in the line for our final turn. This time I was more excited. Ready to have my Peter Pan moment all over again. 

I took the leap and again forgot to breathe. I was better this time, kind of.
And then it happened.
Tim the instructor grabbed the handles on my suit and began to pull me down towards the mesh floor, he turned to the control room window and pointed down. I naively believed I was doing something wrong so he was lessening the air to make me lower, so I prepared to feel the air speed drop a little.
It all happened in a second.
He let go
The wind speed increased
I shot up
Above Tim's head, above the glass viewing panel, above the camera point

My eyes bulged, I screamed silently and looked down in shock at Tim grinning face. Then I was back at normal height again, trying to remind my heart to work. Tim decided to add to my list of terrifying ordeals and spun me around and around as well. 
I have a DVD of the whole thing.

I know it wasn't strictly flying- more "Falling with style" (Name that film!) but it's possibly the closest I'll ever come to actual not-in-a-plane-wind-through-the-hair-almost-a-bird flying.
It was one of the most terrifying, amazing, stunning and breathtaking experiences ever.
Today I was bird.
Today I flew.

Fizi Kizi
ps. Thank you to Lizzie for inviting me!
pps. Something ticked off the bucket list! (That was kinda only half existent...)


Hazelnut said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'd love to try indoor sky diving. It's not as risky as real sky diving which scares the living daylights out of me, by the way.

p.s. You're really good at writing. I felt like I was a reading a part of a novel. You could totally be an author someday. :)

Fizi Kizi said...

If you ever get the chance to try it you definitely should! It's so much fun! And thank you very much! This comment's made my day! :)
Fizi Kizi x