Of Fashion Shows And Face Paints

Before I start may I just say thank you all so much for your lovely comments! You guys make me smile so much, and my mum says thank you :)

You have my sister to thank for today's post. She popped up this morning, as she quite often does whilst I was trying to have breakfast and says something like; "Can we have a fashion show?"
To which I reply something along the lines of: "I'll get the camera."
Please excuse the whole awfully-draped-white-bedsheet thing we've got going on, only we have a lack of white walls and I felt like pretending to be a semi-professional photographer. I apologise.
Also! Please excuse and ignore the awful watermarks on these it's a long story.

And without further ado; Le sister.

Linsey-Mai: "I'll do the egyptian!"
Me: "...O-kaaaay?"
 We were going for greek inspiration type thing...

(Also- sorry some are blurry, the seven year old doth rarely stand still)

Me: "Linsey! Don't lean on the sheet!"
Linsey-Mai: "Why? It looks like a snown storm!"
Sheet falls off coat rack and ontop of Linsey.
Me: "Um... yeah. That's why."

 Just one of her 'model' faces.

 Okay. I'll admit, she does like a teensy bit like me...

 As if butter wouldn't melt... psssht

We then decided to dabble in the world of face paints. She wanted to be- quote- a "Flower girl" so here are a few photos of my attempts to grant her wish...

Me: "Linsey, look over your shoulder please."
Linsey-Mai: "But it hurts my eyes."
Me: "Fine, look up."
Linsey throws her head back alarmingly quickly like she's about to break her neck.
Me: "No! No... just with your eyes..."

Gotta love our Linsey Lou. She does make a marvelous model, if a bit of a begrudging one at times...
What do you guys like to play with your siblings? 

Love Fizi Kizi/Kimmy/Kimberley

(I'm going to be having a bit of a blog overhaul in summer, after all my exams)
ps. What do you guys think of these sorts of posts? I did kind of just throw a load of photos at you... sorry.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Your little sister is so cute. How many siblings do you have?

Fizi Kizi said...

Thank you! And yes she is! I have two younger siblings :)
Kimmy xxx