Pixie Land- stories from the younger me.

Hey guys!! So I hoped the last post on the British Education System was somewhat useful! I've taken a break from revision to make lunch and update you lovely people!
For those of you who follow me on twitter, you may have seen me get somewhat excited about the fact that I found the stories I wrote when I was like eight and younger. And, being the wonderful person I am, I have decided to inflict them upon you. So sit back, make yourself comfortable and be prepared for awful grammar, terrible plot lines and atrocious spelling. I'll only be telling you one today, and this is arguably the worst. Good Luck!
(I'll be commenting on it along the way, just to help you understand the younger me...)

Pixie Land
Once upon a time there was a land which belonged to the pixies, now in this land there lived the wicked witch, the terrible wizard and the scaly green dragon . (Yeah for some reason, all the fullstops are floating on their own?? Loners.)
All the pixies were scared of these 3.The smartest pixies of them all were called Tinkle (Watch this one! Her name changes later on!) and Winkle the twins had known how to read and talk from the age of two months . One particular (Get me with my big, fancy words) day the twins had to get water in the forbidden forest due to cut water supplies, (Here I must point out that for whatever reason I used semi-colons instead of speech marks, I don't even know why!) ;stay on the rainbow road now wont you;mum whimpered in a worried voice. (Yeah, it's painful)
;yes mum; chorused the two at the same time. Off they went into the wood with a huge shimmering pale. In the middle of the wood they heard ;hee haa hee ; the wood went black ;who turned out the lights; cried Winkel . The twins fell out if the sack and found out they were in the dragons lair, the dragon had lit a fire with a huge cauldron towering over it, the dragon was chopping carrots into the cauldron. He was holding a book which said how to stew fresh pixies alive ;oh no were going to be stewed alive; moaned Twinkle.
;Quick crawl over there and go through the whole (Whole? Whole?! Hole. Sheesh) into the wood; whispered Winkle, Twinkle didn't answer she was already half across the floor when the dragon turned around ;RUN; screamed Twinkle the two zoomed across the floor through the whole (Again?) in the stone wall ;Quick he is not allowed in pixie land; cried Winkle panting for breath ;ROAR AGGGGH; the twins turned round to see the British fairy army association also known as the BFAA (I was such an inventive child. Or weird. You choose.) ;run; they cried he cant get you now;
(Excuse me whilst I turn the page, oh yes it goes onto a second page) 
;THANK ... YOU; they shouted as they limped home breathless, when they got home they told their family about what had happened .
the end (Yeahh I liked pink)

So if you managed to read that without gouging your eyes out or throwing yourself against a brick wall you deserve a huge slice of cake. And a hug. And more cake. 
Do you guys have any stories from your younger years? Or did you have any other silly little hobbies and things. Drop me a comment or blog about it!

Kimmy xxx
Ps. I had my Maths exam yesterday, lets hope I've passed!


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Thank you! I'll check it out :)
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