I Passed!

I'm back again! And I'm sticking around this time- no more holidays for me!
I've had a lovely time this past week, what with a long weekend spent camping with my church and then the rest of the week spent away with my family near the coast, exploring historic places and dabbling in the world of archery. (I'd just like to say that with my final arrow, I shot straight into the middle of the bullseye; you may now only refer to me as Katniss.) 

Before I went away I managed to tick something off of my bucket list! I got my GCSE results back. These were for the massive final exams I did way back in June/July time, I needed to pass these in order to go to sixth form college (Guide to British schools here) Uni and get a job!

To cut to the cheese, I got 4A*'s, 7A's and 2B's which I am very, very, very happy with! The B's were in Maths and Physics and I'm very happy with them as they were the subjects I was most concerned about. And I got my A*'s in English Literature, History (100% in both exams!), ICT and Ethics, so I'm very happy!
Kinda wondering how I managed to get an A* in ICT considering the computer crashed a few days before the exam so I couldn't revise! 

Anyway, I'm very happy. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging, but I vowed to try and blog my bucket list as I complete them and so I'm trying to make good of that vow! 

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