Inspiration, craziness and guest posting

Could this be the door of inspiration?
It is teal.
Hey guys
At the moment I'm like a pot bubbling over, full of inspiration. The only problem with this is that I don't know what to do with it all. It feels like my head is full of chattering, bumbling people and I'm in the corner trying to shout above them. "Form an orderly queue please. Shhh! Be quiet!" 
I seem to have bouts of; a-stone-has-more-inspiration-than-me-times and then times of; Let's-do-this-I'm-pumped!
A few ideas are bigger than others and they are just bounding around my head. Every now and again I try and grab it to rationalise it and file it away in a neat pile but it won't let me. It gets away and returns to flipping around my head like the olympic gymnastics on those bars. 

I shouldn't complain, I've been so un-inspired for ages that this is actually really exciting! There's just one idea that I want to do something with, it won't go away. I think it's kinda the result of years of interest/research/stories into the particular subject so now my brain's smushed it all together to create this really rough idea. I'm praying into it at the moment; what do I do with this? How am I meant to accomplish this?

You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? I'm sorry, I just needed somewhere to vent.

I went away to stay with my Nan a few days ago and she was talking to me about one of her friends. This lady was a bit stressed and she was telling my Nan that "I've got too much in my head, It's all in there." And my Nan simply said "Let go of some of it then."
It's such a simple, tiny phrase yet it stuck with me. Sometimes we need to empty our heads a bit. I for one have a tendency to bottle things away, to try and hold it all in, this inevitably ends in an explosion or implosion of some kind. With all these ideas and dreams in my head, I need to take my Nan's advice and let go of some of it. To just gently pick a few up and put them away, outside of my head. Maybe I'll rediscover them again on a miserable, un-inspired day and it'll make me happy. It's no use trying to force the inspiration bubbles to sit still with fingers on lips. Inspiration is meant to run around and dance and make you feel excited. So for now, I'm just gonna try and approach one idea at a time. 

All I really know is that I'm crazy.  


PS. Anyone fancy guest posting for me? Comment with your email for more details :) Thanks!! 

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