Of Camping, Miracles and Colds :D

The wanderer returns! I'm home guys- WAIT! Don't get too close or I might just sneeze on you. Yeah a week of camping does that to a person apparently.
Last Monday our church youth group all met up, packed the cars and drove for several hours to Newday- a youth bible camp. I've dumped a few photos in here, none of which are edited because I'm lazy and coldy.
The teddies spent the journey suspended from the overhead handle things (Don't ask me why)
Shandy and Lizzie

We stopped off at Starbucks on the way and so the car journey was veeeery giggley. We played a game of i-spy that went a little like this:
Youth leader: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with G.
Shandy: Giraffe!
Lizzie: Unicorn!
Me: Leprechaun!
Colin the sheep.
At Newday they have a long line of massive sheds (Newday is held on a showground) and in these sheds they have Cafe's. One of these was the Global Cafe which had a huge, blow-up Earth suspended from the ceiling. 
The Retro Cafe will always be my favourite! This year they had the Retro Diner with records and red and white dotty furniture. They always play the best retro music. Many grease songs were sung throughout the week ;)

The Big Top Tent! This was where the 15-19's morning meetings were held and also where the "all together" evening meetings were held. It's huge! And when you're in there worshipping alongside Seven Thousand people, it's truly amazing!

LOOK AT THAT SKY! This was the first Newday I think we've ever had where it didn't rain! Newday is well known for being a week of torrential rain, but I actually have a tan!

Shandy, Lizzie decked out our tent with fairy lights and pinwheels- it was the best tent by far.
In short, Newday was amazing. I was worried it wouldn't be as good now that I'm getting older and have been to a lot of seminars but it was brilliant. I learnt so much and met with the Holy Spirit throughout the week. I know God has a plan for me and that I want to glorify Him with my life and writing. I've become closer to a lot of people and made many great memories. We saw people healed before our eyes- like a guy who'd been flat footed all his life, grew an arch in his foot in the space of five minutes. Around 300 people gave their lives to Jesus for the first time in one night. It was awe-inspiring. I got to experience writing an article for Newday which I read out on the Newday Radio live! Everyone I know is being so nice to me about it! :)

I would recommend Newday to teenagers time and time again. Wherever in the world you are- get your youth group to go and experience Newday for yourselves.

If you want to read my article, here's the link: "What is Newday?"

Now I get to pack all over again for a whole church bible camp! More camping!!

Now, excuse me whilst I crawl into a cave of duvets, tea and tissues.
Kimmy x

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