It gets very noisy in my head sometimes...

I've done an awful lot of nothing these past few days. In fact, the amount of nothingness I've done is probably criminal or something. Please don't lock me up couch-potato police. 
Anyways, I had an amazing idea for an actual coherent blog post, but clever half-asleep Kimmy didn't write down this idea so I sat down to blog this morning and went "Uhhhh" because, yeah, dumb. 

Oh! Something cool I did the other day, (helped) made an anniversary cake and didn't give anyone food poisoning! 
Isn't it the most beautiful-est (It's a word, shut up) thing you've ever seen?
I rolled out the icing and did that like uber-professional thing where you plonk it on the cake while it's still half wrapped around the rolling pin and felt very proud of myself ;) Though, it did take me three attempts. Whatever.
Curtis and Linsey-Mai drew Mum and Biker Dad (long story) in writing icing and I wrote the "Happy Anniversary" bit. Yeah. Great handwriting. Not. 

Because of the lack of things I've had to do recently (No mum, I don't wanna do housework- I'm not that bored) I've been listening to an unfathomable amount of music. In fact, I made an A3 poster just of Owl City song lyrics. I'll show you all sometime. When I can be bothered. It's weird to think that music is such a big part of my life, even though I'm not musical in the slightest. My favourite Owl City songs to listen to at the moment are; Shooting Star and Galaxies. Beautiful :') Go listen and enjoy beauty in your ears.

Sorry for the excessive capitals, but hello DOCTOR WHO?! It deserves capitals. 
If you haven't seen it, go now! Now! Or, as I threatened Lexie a few days ago, I will eat you. It was so goooood. In my opinion, it was the best episode of Doctor Who with Matt Smith in so far! Not that he's a bad actor, I think he's great, I just think some of the writing quality has gone down since some of the writers left. But, hey, I couldn't do any better. It was beautiful and funny and amazing and I was feeling ALL the emotions. All of dem. Blud. Innit. 

Oh my, I need to go do something. Like now.
Brap Brap 
PS. I is well gangsta blud. 
PPS. I'm also really tired, a bad night's sleep does this to me. 


Griffinclaw said...

Aw, what a cute little Happy Anniversary Cake. :) I'm sure it tasted yummy! And yes! You must go and watch the brilliant Doctor Who episode. Because in general, it was amazing! :D


Kimmy said...

Thanks! ;) We worked very hard. And it did actually taste yummy! Somewhat surprisingly. And yes, it was! :D
Kimmy x