On being forever young at heart...

I'm going to start today's post by saying that I'm not alone in this blogging challenge! The lovely Kate who blogs over at Smiling is my Favourite has joined me! This made me really happy when I found out- you have no idea! ;) Anyway, she's a lovely girl so go check out her blog and say hi!

Moving on, today's prompt is to write a page in a stream of conciousness:

I've often said that when I grow old; y'know, grey hair, wrinkles, grandchildren, I want to die my hair. But not just any colour, I want to die my hair some crazy colour like pink or blue or bright red. I don't even know why the thought of this appeals to me so much, I mean, it's only hair dye? But I think it means a bit more than that. I want to grow old whilst maintaining a young spirit. I don't want to just resign myself to "Oh well, hit the big 6-0 today, that's it. Just gonna sit in this rocking chair and reflect on my entire life and maybe take up knitting because I think that's what I'm supposed to do now that I am old..."
I don't want that. 
I want to lead an exciting life, full of laughter, happiness and peace. Obviously there will be sadness and downs, there always are, but I learnt last year that I am kinda strong and I can overcome things. I want to live a life that changes other people's lives. 

A woman who really inspired me was my great nan; Mae. She died just about a year or so ago, but up until the last few years of her life she was still rocking around in that way of hers, doing bits and pieces for others and enjoying life. For example, I can't remember exactly how old she was but she must have been well over sixty, she took part in yet another marathon to raise money for charity. But that wasn't enough for her, she still volunteered at a local hospice, one very close to her heart, and raised money for it through selling her knitted teddies and more. Testament to the good work she did, was the hundreds of stuffed toys she had in her little flat, on the top of the sofa, on her bed, in the cabinet- absolutely everywhere- all from people who's lives she'd impacted, a small token of thanks for a lady with a big, big heart.

I guess that's why I have such ambitions for myself in later life, Mae showed me what it means to be young at heart, to be always giving and never expecting anything in return. She actually won an award- the Lambeth Civic Award, for all her hard work, which I think is pretty inspiring. 

So what do you expect from later in life? And is there anyone who inspires you? 
Kimmy x


Leanna Kay said...

Mae sounds like she was a beautiful person. Would have liked to know her. Someone who inspires me? Probably my grandma. She has a lot of health issues and is almost deaf. But she is the happiest most joyful person I know.

Kimmy said...

She really was :) Ahh your Grandma sounds lovely! :)
Kimmy x