Being You

Something that gets me is that we are all unique, every single one of us. We're not rigid, mass produced, carbon copies borne out of the same steel mould. We are flexible, hand-crafted individuals created by a loving Father. There isn't anybody like you in the world. You are the only you in all of space and time. There never was anybody the same as you and there never will be.

And that makes us all special. Because each of us are the only one of us that there ever will be. Your friends may be similar to you but they aren't you and they won't ever be you. Your children may be alike to you, but they will never be you and you will never be them. And that is something to be celebrated. Because we are all unique, we are all original and individual. And those differences between us? Our differences are what make us.

Kimmy x
Ps. My phone has returned from it's holiday. It says it had a great time and your postcards are on their way.


Anonymous said...

I love this!


p.s. I'm happy you got your phone back! :)

Kimmy said...

Thank you Haley!
Thanks! Me too! :)
Kimmy x

Jessica said...

This is such a lovely post. I love that we are all unique and different in our own ways. The world would be SO boring if we were all the same. And I'm glad you have your phone back! It's quite difficult to function without a phone these days, eh? Hope your week is great!

Kimmy said...

Thank you Jessica! The world would definitely be so boring! Thank you! It is surprising how disconnected you feel without your phone! :)
Thank you! I hope yours is too! :)
Kimmy x