Perhaps My Words Are Useless

Today my little sister's friend is hopping aboard a plane to move abroad. My sister has naturally been very upset about it and as much as I am trying to be a supportive big sister, I can't help but think that perhaps my words are useless. 

Because I remember being in the very same place as her at exactly the same age. I remember feeling utterly heartbroken that my best friend was moving hundreds and thousands of miles away from me and as the early days after her departure passed, it quickly dawned on me that I may never see her again. That sounds somewhat over-dramatic, but at nine years old and before my family had internet, let alone the wonder that is emails, it felt as if it were the end of the line. As if the train was pulling away from the station and I was left waving at her through the window, watching her leave to make new friends and have new adventures. I remember crying myself to sleep wishing that everything could just stay the same and that nothing had to change. 

Perhaps my words are useless. For all the "it'll be okay"s and "everything will be alright"s in the world can't do much to kiss the hurting heart of a nine year old girl. 

And yes, it's not the worst thing in the world by far, but it's all relative in the end. And it still hurts. 

My words may not help, but I realise that my actions may. So rather than reel off all the comforting words I've ever learnt from soppy chick flicks and depressing romance films, I'll just be there. I'll be there with open arms and a mug of (not too hot) hot chocolate and with a corner of the duvet to share should the tears keep her awake at night. I understand now that perhaps I'm in just the right place to help, because I've been there. 

So Linsey, I know that sometimes life can suck a bit. Heck, it can suck a lot. But as all the cliches go; we survive. So come here for a hug and I'll stick How To Train Your Dragon on.

Kimmy x


Leanna Kay said...

"So rather than reel off all the comforting words I've ever learnt from soppy chick flicks and depressing romance films, I'll just be there"
Haha, that is so true. Sometimes I get caught up and thinking I have to fix my friend's problems-when in reality all I need to do is (as you said )"just be there".

You're a good big sister :)

Kimmy said...

I'm exactly the same- it's so hard sometimes to think you can't just fix everything for them.
Thank you, I try to be at least.
Kimmy x

Jessica said...

This is such a lovely post. What a wonderful sister you are! :)

Griffinclaw said...

Sometimes being there for a friend or relative is the best thing anyone can do in situations like this. Goodness knows it was a hard lesson I've had to learn so recently. But I can totally relate with having friends move. Its especially hard when I've lived in the same town my whole life. I've never had to be the person that moves away from anyone, its my friends that move away from me. But there is always an upside-- With the internet, people who live far away now can stay in touch much easier then before. :)Its never still the same, but it does help. Sending my love to your sister! <3 ~Lexie

Kimmy said...
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Kimmy said...

Thank you Jessica! I'm really not, but I'm learning :) x

Lexi- yup apart from a move or two when I was too young to remember I've never had to be the one leaving. Yup! It's so much easier to keep in touch with people nowadays which I'm so thankful for! Thank you, she'll appreciate it :) x