The Home Stretch

I'm in the home stretch guys. I can see the finishing line, smell the finishing line, taste the finishing line.

In nine days all my exams will finally be over. I will finally be able to shut away the last bit of revision before four glorious days of nothing. Beautiful, empty days of not feeling guilty for having a revision break. Of being able to write and read and edit photos. Things I haven't done in so long and am itching to get back to. I haven't blogged in a month and in all honesty it feels kind of like the last month has dropped off the face of time, lost in a sea of revision, highlighters, exasperation, papers and cats choosing to sleep on those papers and causing great inconvenience.

How are you all?! I've missed you all so much it hurts!

Kisses, hugs and sparkles
Kimmy x

Song for the moment: Gabe Dixon Band- I Can See You Shine
Or alternatively: Mandy Moore- When Will My Life Begin (Except substitute all words for "revision" with the occasional "scream" and "implode" and you get a pretty accurate picture of study leave as of right now)


Kate said...

Good luck with all your exams! It sounds like you've been revising a ton so I'm sure you'll be fine :)

Kimmy said...

Thank you! Congrats on finishing! I hope so! x

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear from you again! I've been missing your posts. Only nine more days?? You can make it! Sooo close! Good luck with everything! And I hope that you will be posting much more when you have days filled with nothingness! :)

PS, I didn't know that nothingness was a word? But supposedly it is, because while my computer is telling me "sooo" is not by underlining it with the red squiggly line, it is not underling nothingness. Interesting! Haha.

Hannah said...

Kimmy! Your back! YES! I completely understand about being busy with school, I myself just finished last week and it could not have come sooner(is that a word? "sooner" it looks weird. ha)! Im happy you posted. I was beginning to get worried.... I was like "o dear, kimmy hasn't posted, lord tell me shes still alive! what will I do w/o my friend across the ocean!" a little dramatic yes, but that's how I felt!


Hannah said...

oh and good luck with all your exams! Ill be praying for you!

Kimmy said...

Hey Jessica! Thank you! I'm going to really try to get back into a more regular system again!

Oooh! I had no idea it was a word! Learn new things every day I guess!

Kimmy x

Kimmy said...

Hannah! Congratulations!! Hahaha well I really appreciate the concern! And a little melodrama now and then is good fun ;)

Thank you very much!

Kimmy x