Freedom and Mr Sun is a big old meany

I'm free! My last exam is over and I have officially finished all my AS courses! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, I've missed you all so much and I am very, very glad to be back! Followers and friends don't get much better than you guys!

Now let me tell you guys a thing.

During the hermit-month of the year that is study-leave you forget that although the sun looks like a friendly little light bulb of joy he can also be a fiery ball of meanness. 

Now, I can promise that I am a very sensible person when it comes to the sun- I don't take sun-safety lightly. Yet we all make mistakes and the one time I forget to put sun-cream on despite only being sat outside for two hours in the morning good old Mr Sun took advantage of my paleness in it's weakened post-revision state and decided to give me the cherry-tomato make-over! So just a reminder to all you lovely people from my slightly-crispy self to please remember the sun cream!

Hope you're all well!

Love, hugs (and a little bit of After Sun)

Kimmy x


Jessica said...

YAY! I am so glad you are done with them, and I am sure you are relieved!

I know exactly how you feel! I was in a wedding on Saturday and it was quite sunny. I got the WORST sunburn I've ever had, because we were wearing strapless dresses. The entire part of my chest and back that was uncovered is now lobster red and so very painful! Gross...

I hope you have some aloe! :)

Kimmy said...

Thank you!! I am so incredibly relieved!

Oooh ouch!! I hope the wedding was nice though as some consolation! I don't have aloe but I have a limitless supply of moisturizers and other such lotions that I've been smothered in! Happily most of it has pretty much completely calmed down now except my knees, nose and shoulders which are still quite pink! I hope yours calms down soon!!

Kimmy x