The Sunbeams

We were waiting for a storm.

We had awoken to permanently grey skies for over a week. Like a grey blanket hovering over our heads, seemingly too close but endlessly far away at the same time. The same shade of unbreakable dullness. Grey. It's strange that something as simple as a colour can cause people to feel so much. Everyone was tired. Our train journeys quickly descended into a sleepy silence, as we all turned to gaze out of the window into the continuous grey.

I was sat in a silent working computer room yesterday morning facing a wall of windows overlooking the playing fields. And as I looked up from my work little beams of sunlight were shooting through the clouds, like little rays of vibrancy breaking through the monotony of grey. The spots on the field where the sun hit glittered and suddenly everything seemed brighter. The beams of sunlight danced across the field with the movement of clouds, like little children playing chase. I don't know how long I sat there watching the light dancing but I left with a warm, happy feeling and I noticed myself smiling more at the people I passed. And they in turn smiled back. And strange as it might sound, I like to think that those smiles I gave were passed around during the day to some people who really needed them. To people who really needed one of those tiny little sun beams in their day.

Because we all need a little bit of light.

Hugs and sunshine smiles,

Kimmy x

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Jessica said...

Beautiful! I agree, we can all use a little light in our lives. :)