"Everyone thinks they look bad... but they don't y'know"

My brother can be pretty darn wise sometimes. More so than I give him credit for and possibly more so than he actually realizes. He's the sort of person who plods along in life, always just being there and muddling along getting things done (sometimes with a little nagging on our part for his homework to be done, but I digress). And sometimes he comes out with these little gems of unexpected wisdom.

We were talking about the fact that most everyone these days not only thinks, but believes there is something wrong with the way they look even though no-one even seems that sure of what the right way to look even is. We all seem to have this fear of being imperfect and not living up to the expectations of this world and we over analyse our appearances so much.

My brother simply said
"Everyone thinks they look bad... but they don't y'know?" 

So this is our reminder to you today that though you think you look bad, you don't. In fact, you look pretty darn great! Pretty, handsome, gorgeous. Give yourself a little once over in a mirror and tell yourself "yeah I accept myself" and repeat. Repeat it later on when you're feeling a little worse for wear, tomorrow morning with bed head and bags under your eyes, last thing at night in old pajamas and the messiest bun believable  You are beautiful and it's as simple as that.


Kimmy (and my brother, but he doesn't really know it yet)


Hannah said...

o how true that is... lovely post kimmy! Also, I'm loving the new blog design. Simple, yet absolutely lovely!

Jessica said...

Aw, I love this post! Thanks to you (and your brother!) for sharing this encouragement!

Kimmy said...

Hey Hannah, thanks! Thaaaank youu! I've been working on it for a little while now, glad you like it! :) x

Hey Jessica! Thank you! You're very welcome :) x