Swings and Roundabouts

I use this phrase to describe life a lot. Sometimes it does just seem like a series of swings and roundabouts. You reach a high only to slip back down into another low, you solve a problem only to have it spin back around and it can sometimes leave you feeling a little worn.

Life is quite full on at the moment and there have been a lot of times when I've wanted to just curl up under my duvet and hide away. There is so much that demands my attention that it feels a bit like my mind is a London street during a busy rush hour, things pushing and pulling me in different directions whilst some things just slip away entirely forgotten. I'll admit that sometimes I feel like I'm stuck on that roundabout just going around and around and not getting anywhere. 

I think that we (or maybe just me?) have a tendency to focus on the biggest thing that we are experiencing at the time- almost to the point where we let it become our sole focus, we let it consume us and block our vision. We sit on the roundabout with our eyes closed, too afraid of our current situation to be brave and stick our foot out to stop the spinning.


There's so much more to life than these simple swings and roundabouts. And this phrase helps me to remember that. The lows- they're just a small part of the playground (excuse the cheesy metaphor, judge me all you like) and if you jump off the swing you'll see the climbing wall, the slide, the monkey bars and the vast expanse of playing fields to explore.  

Despite the low-points and the things that get me down, I have so many amazing things and people in my life to be thankful for. I'm really so happy and I'm hoping you guys are too. 


*cough*yeah I use cheesy metaphors, watcha gonna do?*cough*
*cough*I want to hug everyone*cough*


Jessica said...

Sometimes cheesy metaphors are the best way to get your point across! And your metaphors were quite nice! I know exactly what you mean. It's easy to focus on the big and stressful things and then just forget to enjoy life. Sometimes it is best to just take time to smell the roses. Cliche metaphor now! But really, just taking time to breathe and relax now and then can mean so much. I'm glad to hear from you!

Hannah said...

oh Kimmy, you have no idea how this post has helped me. I never thought about problems as swings and roundabouts but i will always think of them as that from now on. Currently I'm on a roundabout, Ive been on it for almost 6th months. Crazy right? Im stupid, I know... but i just need to stick my foot out there and face it. The playground metaphor is genius, and I love your cheesy metaphors, the actually make sense! Serious/Sensible metaphors never make sense to me and i just sit there more confused than I already am. :) Glad your doing well!

Kimmy said...

Hey Jessica!
Hahaha I totally agree!! Thank you! It really is all too easy to focus on the negativity, I have to remind myself to put things into perspective aaall the time. (Cliche metaphors are just as good as cheesy metaphors!!) Exactly!
Thanks Jessica, it's nice to hear from you too!
Kimmy x

Kimmy said...

Hey Hannah!
I'm so glad I could help a little! Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! You're not stupid at all! Life is tough, things get you down but we can overcome them :) If I can help with anything let me know! Thank you, I'm glad they do make sense to people outside of myself!!
I'm praying for you Hannah, I hope things get better :)
Kimmy x

TheGlamourDrama said...

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Jennie Grange said...

kimmy! love your blog! you have such a talent of writing. so jealous of that. I'm way better talker than a writer.