Pondering on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. The day of Valentines. Traditional day of love, romance and all things cutesy.

Valentine's Day is a day of love. Romantic love, yes. A special day to turn to the person you reeeeeeeaally fancy the socks off and let them know you're thinking of them (*cough*a lot*cough*), to reflect on your relationship so far, the lengths you've come and the miles you have to go.

Valentine's Day is a day of love. Romantic love, yes, but also love in a wider sense. The fabulous old Day of Love receives so very much press, stores are filled with cards and presents and chocolate and etc and etc from as early as January (why?) and everywhere we turn the air is filled with LOVE LOVE LOVE and everyone's minds are on LOVELOVEchocolateLOVE. It can be fairly easy to switch off to it all and blank it out. The more somebody receives the same message, the more likely they are to ignore it. But I think that misses a huge opportunity.

Valentine's Day is a day of love. So why don't we take the opportunity, the once-a-year reminder, to thank those who love us, care for us and give up their time for us. I think the day serves as a reminder that we should tell those who are important to us that we love them. Regardless of what kind of love it is. Be it the love you have for your girlfriend or boyfriend, your best friend, your parents, your cat or your goldfish. If someone is important to you, let them know. You love them every day all year round, so why not let them know, every now and again that they are on your mind and that you really do love them.

Valentine's Day is a day of love. Sometimes times are tough, your life is stressful and you feel like everything is horrible and disgusting and you hate the world and yourself and your alarm clock most of all (who doesn't hate that thing). There are times that you may see yourself in a mirror and recoil at the sight, poke the podge in your belly and curl your lip at the atrocity scowling back at you. If things are tough at the moment, why not take some time to allow yourself to love yourself. You have really pretty eyes, or an infectious smile, you are pretty nifty with a sewing needle or great at heavy metal on the drums. Think of five reasons why you are great and then find a mirror and give yourself as genuine a smile as you can- because you deserve one.

Sorry, was that a bit soppy? Must be the love in the air.

(Also, hello everyone! I have returned from what turned into a raaaather long holiday from blogging and for that I apologise very very humbly and send you all hugs in the hope of forgiveness. I have had a lovely, if tiring few months and am exhausted but very happy all the same. Thank you for sticking through with me, you guys are the best and I'm super happy to be back blogging. I have lots to tell you and I hope that you are all well, smiling and happy. (because I know that smiling doesn't always equate to being happy- don't you try that lie with me). See you soon!)

Kimmy x

Have a happy song: Clouds// Newton Faulkner


Hannah said...

glad to see your back on blogger kimmy! Also loved the post! :)

Kimmy said...

Thank you Hannah! :) xxx