Time for a Tea Break

2 weeks (ish)
16 days
384 hours
23,040 minutes
1,384,400 seconds 

... until my A2 exams start. 

I am made up 2% relief, 70% nervousness and 120% strawberry and kiwi tea. 
(I am not doing any maths exams, don't worry)

I hope you're all doing well and my best wishes to anybody else with exams. 
We've made it this far; we've not got long to go. 
We can do this. 


Kate said...

I'm so happy you've posted again! And yes, we SO can do these A2 exams. They're such a killer but we're getting there and then we're freeee :D Good luck Kimmy!

Kimmy said...

Thank you Kate! Not long now! Good luck!!