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Over 300 people making commitments to follow Jesus. Over 200 reporting being healed in one night. And £140,822 raised for church planting in the UK and overseas and outreach missions in Zimbabwe.

This is newday 2014

So I have just got back from a week away at a Christian youth festival called newday, a place where Christian tweens, teens and young adults can come together to learn more about God, worship together and take part in voluntary action across the Norfolk area in the UK. For a Christian teenager this event is so important, spending time around thousands of others who go through the same struggles as you really helps you to see that you are not alone. This time of fellowship (without parents, bless em) is like a breath of air in a broken world and a place where you can see what God is doing not only around the country, but around the world.

This was my sixth year attending newday and this year I chose to serve in one of the kids clubs. This club was a place for the 8-11 year old children of youth leaders, speakers and those serving at newday to come and worship God, learn more about the Bible and their faith and to have loads of fun. Our theme for the week was the life of Joseph and each day we watched a clip from Joseph King of Dreams (well done dreamworks) and had a couple of short talks about Joseph's life and how we can relate to it. I have to admit that I actually learnt a lot from those talks and felt like God was really speaking to me through them!

For a little scale of how big the venue is...
The children were absolutely brilliant. They were so enthusiastic, fun, hilarious and eager to learn. Over the week I had the opportunity to pray with some children and to see them taking their faith so seriously at such a young age was really inspiring. Hearing their testimonies and what they took from everything they had experienced during the week really helped to strengthen my own passion to live for Christ. 

My particular group (of about 30-40 kids out of the 100-200) along with the two other leaders were fantastic at encouraging each other during all of the ridiculous, messy and silly games. I've seriously never seen kids being such great sports during competitions! Especially as every day, the team with the most points would be able to choose one of their team leaders to gunge- that's a reward that a 10 year old cannot refuse! And guess who got gunged? Yeah. Moi. I've been told to take it as a sign of affection, but I'm still not quite convinced... 

No picture of being gunged I'm afraid (ha) but this is a picture from the fancy dress day all the leaders of the kids group took part in. The week's theme was super heroes and since my onesie was the only fancy dress I had, I was GIRAFFE GIRL all morning. One of the boys even sat down and told me I should have a super stretchy power. 
The serving team I worked with were lovely and welcoming, I made friends with some wonderful people from the group (one of whom has the same uni as their first choice, how crazy is that?!) and I felt supported and motivated as I worked alongside them during the week. The couple who ran the kids club (Hi guys, thanks for putting up with me!) were brilliant, loving and so gifted at speaking to children. Also their children are adorable and I want to be best friends with them. 

Outside of the kids club the rest of the week went in a blur of milkshakes (skittles milkshakes are the best things on Earth, praise the Lord), ice-cream and walking around the pop-up cafes of the festival (you won't be surprised to hear that my favourite was The Cow Shed because of my craving for skittle flavoured beverages. And no, the KFC ones don't make the cut). I caught up with some of my closest friends and had some really touching conversations about the future and looking back at our school years and I'm going to miss them insanely at uni. (Catch ups will be needed guys!)

A milkshake trip with my little brother who is getting far too tall and should stop. 
I am really glad I could attend the evening meetings because the teaching was so good, all of the speakers were funny, direct and passionate about what they were saying. I'm home with a renewed passion to understand the Bible and to spend time with God every day, I'm not going to pretend it'll be easy to carve time out daily (because I am a huge procrastinator even on things like this that I actually want to do) but I'm praying I can do it. The worship was moving, powerful and really fun. Anybody who thinks Christianity is all dull hymns and sleepy choirs should listen to this:

I have learnt so much in this week alone about myself, my calling and my God who is so good to me. I'm feeling really peaceful and blessed at the moment. Not only has this week changed me, but it's strengthening other relationships in my life and I am so excited to see where God takes us. 


P.S I wrote a blog post for the newday website a couple of weeks back so if you would like to read that you can find it here. I'd really appreciate any constructive criticism!

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