(Last evening with the family means fast food and dodgy phone photos!)  

Tomorrow I'm leaving home with half my world packed into bags and boxes and moving into university. I'm excited, I'm nervous and the internal butterflies that have been growing over the past few weeks have mutated from cute fluffy caterpillars into giant olympic gymnast butterflies that cartwheel round my stomach and gate-vault over my ribs whenever the words "uni" and "moving" occur. 

My cure for homesickness over the next few weeks will be tea, biscuits and a fluffy pillow I can hug and pretend is a cat. I'll let you know if it works.

I'm really nervous and there are things that worry me and things that are stressing me out just thinking about them!! But I'm hoping things will calm down once I'm there and settling in. I taught my parents how to use Skype so my family will be able to see me and all my friends have various forms of social media so I know that though I won't be able to just pop round the corner to see them, they're never really that far away. (Someone remind me of this when I'm feeling all pitiful and lonely). 

This is my last night at home so I'm going to go cuddle my cat and get a good sleep for the (very very) early start tomorrow! 

Song for today: http://youtu.be/Gh4wbT3S9Mc 
Caves In from Scott James' album Destinesia- a word describing the mixed feelings you get when you reach your destination. I figured it would be appropriate for all us undergrads! 

Love, Kimmy x 


Triangles and Tingly Tummies said...

Creative, kind, and welcoming.
Of many things you are,
And as you now start student life
You've been a super star.
You've been so brave
So strong
So smart
You've paved a path of gold
And now your new adventures start
You're ready to be bold
All of your life you've worked so hard
You've spread your wings to fly
And now we all know,
friends and loves
You can Take To The Sky! X

John 14:27
Psalms 37:3-4

Jana K said...

How exciting! I hope everything is going okay. I know I'd be nervous too. But it sounds like it's going to be an adventure :)

Beautiful song, by the way.


Hannah said...

Hi Kimmy,

Gosh, Im so excited for you. I hope you have a fantastic time at Uni. Ill be keeping you in my prayers. Stay safe girl! xxx


Kimmy said...

Awww that's such a lovely poem 'Triangles' (I know who you are ;) )- thank you!! :) x

Thank you Jana! It's going well so far!

And thank you Hannah!! I'm super safe and having fun!

Bless you guys x