Alpaca Adventures

Today 3 of my flatmates and I walked for roughly 4 hours to, around and back from the beautiful countryside around our city. It was cold, it was rough terrain, but it was beautiful and so much fun. 

We walked there in the woods, along a river and at times it felt like we'd stumbled into Narnia (especially with all the snow), then we stopped to feed some alpacas and have a snowball fight before walking back through the hills as the sun was setting. 

Here are a couple of the pictures from the day. 

This is apparently a toddler swing. What kind of toddlers do they have here? Giants??

Here's a llama

Our gorgeous city

My feet ache. 

Love, Kimmy x

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Jessica said...

Ah, what gorgeous pictures! I love admiring the snow when the sun is out...it's a beautiful combination. And the alpacas are cute. :) It looks like a fun day!