My lovely flatmate lives in London and over Easter she super super kindly invited me up to stay with her for a couple of days and took me on a tour of London! We went to most of the typical touristy spots but we also visited a few less-known places that only a local (or someone who isn't a country bumpkin like moi) would know about! Not only did she act the tour guide but she also put up with me taking a couple of thousand pictures without any complaining! Such a hero!

This is the most colourful street ever and I love it! We stopped here and tried the nicest cheeses ever, so that ranks pretty high on my list of favourite places. 

Obligatory London-Eye shots because obviously

Confession time: I can't ride a bike. My parents tried to teach me as a kid and I was so awful and the experience was so traumatic that we just stopped and I turned to roller-blades to fulfil my need for speed. But. I actually half cycled/half rolled/half crashed my way around Hyde Park on a Boris Bike which is clearly the greatest achievement of my life. I only rode straight into a lamppost once...

It was such a cute couple of days with a lot of reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally good (and mostly veggie!) food so a big thanks to my gorgeous flatmate, can't wait to see you again soon! 

What's your favourite thing about London?

Kimmy xxx


Kate said...

I'm so happy you've posted again, I used to love reading your blog all the time! I've never actually been on a Boris bike, even though I've lived in London my whole life, but it looks like you had a fab time with your flat mate! xxx

Kimmy said...

Thank you! I love reading yours, it always brightens my day! Hahaha it was an experience for sure! And a great day :) xxx