A little adventure...

Being in a long distance relationship means that summer is the prime time of the year to make the trips to see each other. This year we decided on some things that we absolutely had to do and one of those was visit London together!

The plan was perfect- we were going to do a little tour of some of the parks in London, starting in the Olympic Park (they had an artificial beach people. A. Beach.), before moving on to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, an open air theatre and pretty much every outdoor activity you can fit into 8 hours in London.

Did we do all that? Did we complete this epic adventure?

The answer my dear ones? No. Because we forgot one teeny tiny little factor about our trip.



Buut, because we are real troopers (or crazy people), who don't back down to a little rain (or thunderstorm complete with rolling thunder and torrential downpours) we wrapped up in fifty layers, grabbed an umbrella and forged our own adventure with a tube map, vague sense of direction and mints.

Our first stop was the Olympic Park when it was actually pretty dry and we cradled a tiny spark of hope that the day would just be overcast. I don't have many pictures of that part of the trip because it mainly involved us dancing around, climbing on the climbing walls and using the gym equipment pretending we were Olympians (I have learnt that I will never be an Olympian).

Then we hopped back onto the tube to head to a 'surprise' that Adam had been harbouring for a good few months. We stepped off the tube and at this point the weather had decided it hated us in particular and bucketed down. Thunder and everything.  

Adam was in charge of the picnic and yes, he drew a little picture on every one of the napkins he packed and yes it was absolutely totally adorable. 

Adam knows that I would love to visit Japan some day and we were even talking about it that morning (the sly so and so). He guided us to the Kyoto Gardens, a beautiful Japanese garden in Holland Park. It was sectioned a little away from the rest and was like stepping into a really peaceful little world. 

The park was donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991 and the history surrounding it was really interesting. If you can get to it I totally recommend visiting this gem of a park! 

Why are we sitting outside to have dinner? Because the sun fiiiinally decided to show up at like 7pm... This was a really lovely place called Mishkins in Covent Garden (I think? London all kinda just bleeds into one blob in my mental map). Described on it's website as a "Kind of Jewish deli with cocktails" it was such a cute little spot and the food was lovely- I whole heartedly recommend the macaroni cheese. It was the best I have ever had in my life and I have had a lot of macaroni cheese. 

Sorry for the overdose of London photos recently! I've had such a lovely summer full of laughter and craziness. How are you all?!

Kimmy xxx


Kate said...

Aw this looks like such a cute day out and the Kyoto Gardens are definitely on my to-visit list now! xo

Kimmy said...

Thank you! I think you should, they're so pretty! xx