Ice Cream Houses and Daydream Days

Finally exams are over! 5 law exams in 4 days is nothing short of brutal but I survived and can now spend the next week in bed. 

I feel a bit like life had been put on pause while exams loomed. Days consisted of an early morning trek to the library and a late night where I crashed into bed. 

The reason we had quite so much revision to do is that we have our departmental exams for our course but we also work towards an NCTJ diploma alongside it. Provided I pass everything it means I'll leave university with my degree and diploma as an official journalist!

As a result of my delayed new-year I didn't really set any resolutions. In honesty I find they're only a bit disheartening anyway as I'll steam-roll ahead only to fall flat a couple of weeks in. Having said that there are things I'd like to change in the New Year.

Last year, around Easter I decided that I wanted to stop denying myself adventures because I was afraid or because of a student budget or workload. Really, I just wanted to turn some of my dreaming into action! So I made the simple resolution to say yes more to things that make me happy. 

As a result I have had the joy of seeing Of Monsters and Men and Darwin Deez live, a ballet performance of 1984, trips to Devon, Southend and London, a front page cover in a local magazine (I'm village famous) and running the Student Colour Run! 


This year I haven't really got a resolution but I know I'd like to get my priorities right. I want to stop spending so much time worrying about things that I don't enjoy and pour my energy into the things I am passionate about. 

So that means actually carving out time for Bible study, for mindfulness and photography. I'd like to get back into running and I'm really excited to travel more! I also really miss writing without a purpose, just for the sake of writing what's on my heart. So hopefully I can make time for a bit more creative splurging. 

I'll continue to try and update this blog more. I love this little piece of the internet.

Song of the moment: A Little Chaos soundtrack by Peter Gregson. 
(On a side note- I would totally recommend this film for a bittersweet but totally uplifting, cheesy and beautiful film) 

Hope you're all well! What are your plans for this year ahead?

Kimmy xx

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