Something like freedom

One of the biggest perks of studying in Sheffield is that the peak district is practically on our doorstep.

The only problem is that with a busy timetable and a heap of deadlines, it can be really difficult to find the time to get out there. And if you want to get a group together to go for a day-trip, good luck!

Last weekend two of my housemates and I hit the pause button on uni and went for a little adventure out into the peak district. 

The peaks are a popular location for filming- specifically Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre and so naturally, being massive period drama nerds we wanted to find the specific rock that Keira Knitghley stood on in the film. 

Our search took us out to Stanage Edge, a beautiful rocky cliff in the peaks and though we found what we thought was the rock, some climbers were using it so we had to satisfy ourselves with posing dramatically on another outcrop. 

Could this be the Pride and Prejudice rock? Who knows

There is a magical feeling that overcomes you as you drive out of the city. The car winds up the hills, the roads get smaller and the houses drop away until you look out and it seems that the whole world is outside your window. It's just you, floating along in the vast expanse of space and beauty, the majestic hills rising up around you and everywhere you look is just breathtaking.

I think that feeling may be something like freedom.

Obligatory cheesey pose

Where do you like to escape to?

Kimmy xxx

Song of the day can be nothing but Liz On Top of the World


Anonymous said...

I like to escape to the girl I love, no matter where we are x

Kate said...

These photos are beautiful, it looks amazing! Hope you're well Kimmy xx

Kimmy said...

Thank you Anon x

Hey Kate! Thank you so much, it's a beautiful place! xx